Monday, March 13, 2017


One afternoon during February, from inside the outside looked bright, cheery and tempting.  So, we, that’s hubs and me, invited ourselves out for a coffee.  There was a noticeable icy breeze, truly icy. It wasn’t too bad once we’d got used to the feel of it. I was glad of the thick jeans I was wearing, (these days, jeans seem to be made with much thinner denim cloth).  Together with my hip length padded jacket and a big scarf wrapped round my collar it all worked a treat. Hubs was well wrapped up too.
Crossing a bridge, I saw a tight ‘ruck’ of Snowdrops, the first I had seen this year. They bank onto a river.  In another week or so, the whole bank should be carpeted with them.

Snowdrops From A Previous Year

We arrived at our destination and found our favourite seating area was free and only one person, the manageress,  was at a table. It was an oasis of calm.  A lot of people favour the same seating area, and  it can be teeming with bodies from whom emanates a very high volume cacophony of sound.  A group of teachers is one of the noisiest.  Next are parents who allow their little offspring with their metal toys -small cars  mostly-to bang them on  the glass table tops. The kids love it. This is an efficient way to clear the nook of other customers!

P1000411 Young Dougal 2
On the way home  we wandered up to a farm and bought some fresh eggs, chatted to the shepherdess, who also runs the egg enterprise and does lots of other things in the modern diversified life of farming.

A plop of icy sleet startled me, followed by a few more plops.  Then I noticed an unexpected clump of bright yellow in the shelter of closely planted leafless bushes.  Crocuses were about to bloom.  Could Spring be just around the corner?



zalandeau said...

Aujourd'hui (comme dimanche dernier), c'est le printemps... Le ciel est printanier, la température est printanière, et l'odeur est printanière...

Have a good day !

ZACL said...


Chez nous, les saisons viennent plus tard que l'autre parts, est ils faits tres variables. Le realité est, si on as le bon chance recevoirons trois saisons chaque l'ans. Nous, nous mancons l'ete.

Mois, j'aime beaucoup Printemps, en particuliere le Printemps mites est plaisantes.

Wishing you a good day too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely, up-cheering sort of day!

ZACL said...

Hello Gilly,

It was exactly as you suggest. It did us the world of good to have a raison d'etre for our outing. The coffee was very good too.

Snowbird said...

I love your title! Sounds like the perfect day. I hope spring is about to burst forth, it certainly is

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

There were signs of the soil erupting with crocuses and daffodils about ten days ago. In Edinburgh, (we're visiting) I have seen that the flora is way ahead of ours and even the weather is pleasantly springlike. From the weather forecasts I hear it is somewhat different at home.

It does you good to have a wee treat....helps to come out of hibernation. :)