Tuesday, June 13, 2017


What a din!  I thought it must be a sheep-shearing day at the neighbouring farm.  Mums and their lambs were noisily milling about in front of one of the barns, the doors of which, were firmly shut.


This was not the norm for them.  As far as they were concerned, when you head for the barn forecourt, you naturally move on through the wide open doors of the barn and into it.  The lambs were all born in there, except for the odd one or two, so, both ewes and offspring had a deep formed affinity to the place.  They wanted to be let in and they did not care who knew it.
And of course, it rained, not just any sort of rain, but soaking curtains of rain.


When something is happening with the flock, the weather is always uncertain, especially when the sheep are being treated, or, sorted, or, sheared. It seems like nature is being deliberately perverse. This occasion, the stock were being 'dosed'. You can bet your bottom dollar that when they are sheared, which will be soon, we will experience gales and probably a hail storm or two.


gill said...

Poor woolly creatures! They seem somewhat bewildered. I'm sure it all became clear once they were shepherded towards their dosing.

ZACL said...

Hi Gilly,

My norms were out of synch when this comment box flipped up. I'd not noticed you'd commented via Blogger!! There are some behavioural similarities with our woolly friends after all.

The flock will be better for having their anti-worm treatment.


zalandeau said...

Nous aussi en France sommes des moutons de Panurge... Pire ue les moutons-animaux...

ZACL said...

Salut Zalandeau,

Excusez-moi, mais je n'ais comprends pas ton reference au des moutons de Panurge. Quel-est 'Panurge'?

Je suis desolee ecouter d'une autre acte tente de terrorism en Paris aujourd'hui. Ici, aussie nous avons des alertes.

zalandeau said...

Excuse-moi... J'oubliais que Panurge est un personnage de la littérature Française (de François Rabelais)...


ZACL said...

Bon... O.K. Maintenant je comprend. Nous avons le description de 'lemming' pour eu que faisons ca meme. Aussie, il y a les 'copy cat' actions.

Merci bien.