Tuesday, August 08, 2006


"It looks a lot but you'll find there's not so much to concern yourself with, it's mostly advertising and you will get through it very quickly." This comforting description of a month's mail, piled up awaiting my return, could not have been less true. Mail unopened, assumed to be adverts/sales were all overdue bills. One bill, a phone bill in an identifiable envelope, virtually screeching pay me, just needed to be filed. The anonymous envelopes were in need of urgent attention. Obvious adverts were left to one side. Several large packages have taken hours to sort through and deal with. Over a period of four solid days effort and getting boggle-eyed, I cracked through the work and reduced the 'must do' list to manageable proportions, leaving the worst till last.

I now have to summon up some stamina and enthusiasm for another trip away from home, bearing in mind what might await my return. The up side is that I won't be away so long.

Maybe, in the meantime, I shall find some time to call my own and spoil myself. I think I will call it 'rengenerating me time'!

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