Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It was just four months old and it blinked its last on Sunday night. There had always been difficulties updating, a weakness in its makeup, I suppose. Monday morning when it did not respond to mains only power there was no doubt, it had totally expired.

It looked lively and funny wrapped in its shiny multi-coloured flower cover. Many a smile I received when I took it out of my bag to attach the ear phones jack to it and swtich it on. Such pleasure my iPod gave me on long and tedious journeys. I could sit and listen to enjoyable podcasts of many varieties, uninterrupted by extraneous noises and demands. I had the delight of thoroughly relaxing to favourite music which I had put into compilations that suited me.

Now, I wait for a box to arrive from a security company, with the ignominious instructions to place it, and only it, into the receptacle and seal the iPod in the box with a returns label; that way, my little iPod can be returned in its pristine shiny white state, back to its maker.

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landgirl said...

Alas, poor iPOD, safe journey to the land beyond....

Once again I have not made the last step to get an iPOD for myself. This was going to be the year, but time in the States got swallowed up with so many other things.