Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August 26, 2009

I don’t think I am dithery when it comes to computer technology; I am certainly not ‘machine-averse’. I spent a good part of the last decade educating myself on computer software use and the technology. Developments move so fast, a bit like what is under the bonnet of a car, that I am beginning to think that I am lagging behind.

Keystrokes; I am not too bad at those. They seem to be much as such whichever platform you are working with. I can underscore, open boxes that give me what I want, and close things down when I have done!

I have bought a basic html book, with that I have mastered a few of the basics. I can create emphases, emoticons, where a system allows it. It is clear though, I do not have a enough knowledge, especially when it comes to subscribing to feeds, creating delicious looking outlines to blogs and adding what I do to various public fora. Cut and paste from my address bar does not appear to ‘cut the mustard’ to coin a phrase.

Much as I like communicating, I think I am stumped in this linguistic jungle.


TG said...

I taught myself all the things like tweaking the HTML code and similar things, addig various widgets. From a total layman I became a computer geek :) It's all online. There's so much you can do with Blogger.

What is it that you want to change or add to your blog? I may help you.

adamantixx said...

sometimes i spend all my spare time trying to get something to work instead of reading or writing blogs, which i find most annoying!
even if i succeed, i usually can't remember HOW i got it to work!

ZACL said...

Hello Ax and MKL,

I'm very much in the same department store as Ax

Thank you for your kind offer MKL. My problem is a general one; I am in a blogging arena that wants the blogger to have some prior knowledge of HTML; Blogger. The little bits I know, I got from a book which I can't find at the moment. The knowledge I have is not anywhere good enough to understand the jargon language that is used for instructions, and it seems that different sites have their own presentations of English jargon language.

I guess the best thing I can do, is when I come up against a particular difficulty is to note it down then ask for guidance.


MKL said...

ZACL, I see your post titles now work as links. That's much better.

Well, if you have any questions, give me your email address. You do that by commenting on my post. I won't publish it, but I'll note your address and send you mine. So if you need some advice you ask me via email. Many bloggers do so, I asked also before. It's not problem :) As you know, I really like to help.

ZACL said...


I wonder what I did to make my post titles work as links...can you tell me?

I have been playing with buttons and pressing widgets, or is it pressing widgets and playing with buttons, (!) for a couple of days now.

Thank you, I shall take up your suggestion. You are very supportive.

TG said...

Seems to me that when you wrote the new post, you wrote the title in the "Title box" on top and not where you usually do, in the "post section". Try to do that from now on, it's better. It's easier for me to explain, if I can send you screen caps or explain longer, so you can email me any time.

Best of luck with blogging.

ZACL said...

So far, I haven't had a title box. I changed my blog template yesterday, perhaps that made a difference. I'll have to see. I don't remember seeing a title box I am not sure how to create one.

ZACL said...

I've just had a look at my posting template, there is no title box above it or in it. I must have done something else. How do you get a title box in the post area?

TG said...

I didn't get your email. Just write it in the comment, doesn't matter which post you comment on. I won't publish. Then I'll explain to you everything :)