Monday, October 05, 2009


I'm lucky, in the last month, we have had a good  sea harvest of mackerel, some coal fish, and cod.  The sea fishing season, quite short where I live, is nearing its close, which means that there will be no need to concern myself for much longer, where I am going to store the excess of fish that is arriving here at home.

Late last week and again, today, various friends and neighbours have been the recipients of fishy gifts.  One, a farmer offered us eggs, which we declined.  Last Winter he regularly left vegetables from his crops, in our garden.  Today though, the farmer's wife was insistent on gifting us a large juicy cabbage.

If I do not cook fish five days a week from now on, there is a enough fish stored to keep us fish-fed till early 2011. If there are just a few more days of  fishing hauls, we will have to obtain another freezer, just a small one.  Even so, I am not sure where I would install it.

To make space for the sea food catches,  three meals in the last two weeks were not fish-centred.

I have  broiled fish with gentle spices;
I have coated fish in flour with flavourings to flash fry it;
I have baked fish in butter;
Mackerel has been BBQ'd with thyme;

I am beginning to feel I am about to sprout fins.


Flighty said...

Lucky indeed! I like fish, especially mackerel, cooked simply with home grown new potatoes and vegetables!
Mind you I suppose the downside is that you can have too much of a good thing! xx

ZACL said...

Too much of a good thing is spot on, yet I feel guilty about that. I focus instead on the fact that I am lucky to have fresh fish and that it was plentiful, latterly, in the sea waters. It means that the varieties of birds who rely on fish, if the seals don't eat them out of the seas around us, (they are voracious eaters)are getting fed as well.

adamantixx said...

i'd absolutely love to live up there and would gladly live on fish suppers til the cows come home!
i suddenly wish i had kippers for breakfast more often.

ZACL said...

Hello Ax.

How are you?

Well presented fish suppers are great at most sea ports, even yours. I remember them well. Fresh fish is so different from the stuff you get in cities that has been stored a day or two too long. I make a habit of not eating fish, say, in London. I know it has a port, but not a sea port.

I used to salivate for a kipper or smoked haddie breakfast till I tasted the most remarkable kippers ever, this year, at the Royal Highland Show. Nothing will now compare. :(

Marie said...

I'd love to live there too. I love fish and it would be wonderful to get it fresh.

ZACL said...

Hi Marie,

It is true to say, once you've tasted good fresh sea food, you really can tell the difference between the good and not so good. Also, what people pay a premium for elsewhere, we obtain in our local harbour shops, at local and much keener prices. But then, there are other things we do not have easy access to, so, it is swings and roundabouts.