Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Up with the lark, it would have been good if I could have seen it. Daylight started to dawn somewhere around 08.45.

Left a recorded message at a place, that according to its own beautiful booklet, should have been open at 10am. They must be keeping Winter time: a real voice spoke to me at 11.02am.

Computer Housekeeping:
Why the hell can't I get my browsers (note plural) to find anything for me! Switched the router on and off, no change in behaviour....gave up.

Pleased with myself because I burnt an archive disk, the first of a few.

Scanned for malware - because of browsers malfunctioning, couldn't update the programme. Mental note to do it later. Why is it, one malware programme finds nothing, the other finds two 'not nice' cookies. Proves its worth having them on board.

Out And About
Gathered stuff up for my favoured charity shop. I had to use one of my large shopping bags for some of it; it was heavy to lift.

Stopped off to spoil myself at one of the local hotels, for a coffee and my first Xmas mince pie this year. Read book, what a luxury not to be disturbed.

Why didn't I check my prescription before I got to the dispensing counter at the pharmacy? Had to return to surgery so arrangements could be made for the correct item to be given to me.

Hacked off, I decided to buy myself a bowl of soup with a crusty roll, by which time, it was starting to get dark.

The town Christmas lights were in their glittering, colourful glory. The tree is draped in twinkling white lights and is surrounded by trees with blue curlicues of light. It is one of the prettiest decorated small towns. The wind was rising and there was underlying chill.

Shopping, must keep it to a minimum and only replace what I have used. If not, I'll end up with more than I need. A couple of seasonal items have sold out. Did buy Xmas mince pies....better watch waistline!

Later...At Home
Vigorous discussion tonight about dressing up an envelope returned by the post office, so it can be re-sent with the right address on it. You can never find an envelope the right size for a floating card.

Back to computer to finish off I.T. housekeeping. No problem with browsing tonight. Heaven only knows what was going on this morning in cyberspace. Oh, and I also did a disk defrag in no time at all, with the new programme I just downloaded.


TG said...

Wow, you have some hard time keeping your computer well... I've heard that the disc defrag doesn't do much.. I don't know.. I hope I don't get such problems... keeping my fingers crossed.

ZACL said...


Disk defrag doesn't cure all evils, it just helps to keep things running a bit more smoothly, even with a little speed. It's like servicing a bike to keep it running smoothly.

I didn't defrag to get my browsers working on the net that wouldn't have made any difference. I think there was something wrong with the internet this morning. I could get online, download emails etc. but not browse for information.

I don't know what Mac users do. I can't imagine they don't have to tidy up dead trails on their systems, and reorganise programmes files and folders into sensible places on hard disks occasionally. I know the programme language is different. Maybe someone can tell us how mac and linux users look after their systems.