Sunday, December 20, 2009


It is tempting to describe our scenery as a Winter wonderland.  Yet, I hesitate to do so, as it does not quite seem that way.  Sure, we have had a fair drop of snow, there has been a blizzard-ish scenario on and off, so that means there is, and has been,  snow drifting off the fields.  A touch of rain soon turned to ice underfoot, roads became lethal and so on.  It does not add up to a wonderland does it.


TG said...

We have -17 Celsius now :( So cold. And it snowed like 3 days before, it was beautiful to see, but when you had to drive somewhere and the car doesn't start, it's less romantic. In few days it will be "warmer", which means 0, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that wasteland would be more appropriate but it doesn't have the somewhat false appeal that wonderland does! Flighty xx

adamantixx said...

it's only a winter wonderland when viewed from the window of a nice warm home, venturing out into it (especially when driving) soon dispels the romatnic idea!

ZACL said...


The closest we've had to your -17c was about -4c or 5c, some areas experienced -10c. I have had the 'joys' of dealing with -19c but, not yet, this year.

As for getting out and about, it is not easy.

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Wasteland, seems too harsh a description I feel. What we have here is not wasteland, even at its best.

However, comparing the two adjectives as you are, I agree that one offers a less tempting scenario than the other.

I wish you a Good Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2010 Mr F xx

ZACL said...

Oh boy, driving out in snow on ice is another story. So far, I have been a passenger in a car that did a double skid on a hairpin bend, and when I was driving down our steep hill, I carefully rode in first gear and had my hand on the handbrake and foot on other brake. The wheels didn't grip on the approach to the junction, but I just managed to stop slightly over it. Not ideal. :(

You're right, the best view is a ringside seat through a window and in a warm setting.

Happy Xmas Ax and have a good 2010!