Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A card arrived yesterday; we are fortunate to receive many lovely greetings.  This card though, was a real puzzle.  Who on earth were the people who signed it!

Hubby trawled the internet and found some interesting personalities in the U.K. with similar names, who were not known to me.  I checked the envelope.  Yes, it was correctly addressed, in fact the detail was absolutely right.  It was obviously a card sent by people who knew us.

It is one of those uncomfortable happenings, when someone cares enough about you to send you their wishes and hopes for you, and you have no idea who it or they are. It bothered me all day. 

Last night, hubby had an idea, I checked it out.......voila!  Eureka!  Apart from being really, really pleased that I now knew who had thought kindly of me, I was very touched.  I have known the family, for about three years, on and off;  the odd  chance meeting in the street, or a community event, on rare occasions, a coffee group.  This year, they have checked out my address and sent me a card.  It has given me a warm glow.


Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of them! I'm not surprised that it gave you a warm glow! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

It was a nice thing to do. Being human, I am now pondering what in particular may have generated it.

I am very pleased.