Thursday, January 21, 2010


Burns night celebration suppers to venerate The Bard will be happening tomorrow and Saturday in Scotland's communities. Haggis's (or is it Haggi) are flying off the shops shelves. There'll have to be some extra haggis shoots organised. It has been difficult to find the size of haggis I want in our stores. I found one haggis, 30% extra offer, not a company name I have ever used, wrapped in plastic shaped like a huge sausage, the image of one of those meat rolls you buy for dogs. I'm sure Rabbie Burns would lose his gift of the gab if he saw it. No self-respecting haggis would admit to being one, in that guise. Now, really, how can I present such a travesty of a haggis at my table on the 25th January, (the birthday) as The Great Chieftain of The Puddin' Race?


Anonymous said...

i'm very partial to haggis although i couldn't actually shoot one in cold blood myself,
a very tasty treat which my wife introduced to me having lived many years north of the border.

ZACL said...

"Now is the season for your content", to paraphrase a well known statement.