Monday, May 24, 2010


Anyone who follows my posts will know that I rarely offer video links.  They have to be, in my view, something outstanding and/or exceptional.  This link, I believe, meets those two requirements; it is a poignant and clever piece, and depending on the time of your life, perhaps, what you are currently doing in life, you are likely to take a range of differing messages and feelings from it.  The piece is in English, (made in Ireland) and has Italian sub-titles.

If the link does not automatically take you to the site, copy and paste it into your address bar. 


TG said...

13min of a lovely video, we could say a short movie, to perk up my early morning. I may need ecstasy to get healthy again, hehe. Been having something like a flu for nearly a week now. I do wonder, when I am old, if I'll have such a daily, even hourly routine like the couple. ZACL, how is that going with you? :)

ZACL said...

Glad you watched this little film. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Wish you better soon. It seems you might benefit from a more settled routine for a little while.

Should I giggle or laugh at your question MKL?