Tuesday, June 01, 2010


The trouble is, I cannot find a third book that I fancy.  After spending ages searching the American publisher's website,  the two books I selected as replacements for two large tomes that I was disappointed in,  were really all I liked the look of.  The lovely lady I spoke to in the USA, is mailing the two books I selected, and will leave me to let her know in my own time, what third book I want.  I feel bad about the fact that I am having great difficulty selecting a third book.  In turn, she is actively encouraging me to request one.  

The American publishing house is a highly specialised one, in the main dealing with computer sciences.  The majority would be considered academic books.  The few books I found that whetted my curiosity led me to the two books I tentatively requested. 

All this came about because I commented on the publisher's site on my personal view of the books I bought. I was asked to either contact the guy who replied to my views, or another named individual, to resolve my issues.   At that point, they did not realize I was in the UK.  I believe the intention was to offer a refund under a 100% satisfaction guarantee they operate.  The books I have, were originally purchased via online UK stores.  No money went through the American publishing house site.  Determined to instate goodwill, the company offered me instead, goods at no charge, to be mailed at their cost.  I am so impressed with the high standard of customer service I am unexpectedly receiving. 


Anonymous said...

i've got to say that's highly impressive customer service, such a rare commodity these days.

good luck in choosing book #3!

ZACL said...

Books Nos 1 and 2 arrived today, Ax, really quickly! Even more impressive.

I'm no further on with book #3. I browsed again, tapped in ideas, so far, I have drawn a blank, even with upcoming titles. E-books are the same, not that I am into those. It just happens to be a publisher in whose specialisms I do not bounce!

Anonymous said...

talking of books, it was my birthday this week and my wife has given me free reign to browse the bookshops today to top-up my reading matter.

i've never got the hang of E-books as reproducing the written word is all very well but a poor substitute for the feel of an actual book in your hands and the turning of pages.

ZACL said...

Happy Birthday!

I made a similar comment to yours about my preference for real feely books, with turnable pages, to the nice lady I have been communicating with in the publishing company. She laughed and said that she was an English Literature graduate and understood that sentiment.

I'd be interested to know what you choose from the bookshops.

I've recently finished White Tiger by Adiga. My current read is a non-fiction and a big one, on Caterina de Medici.

Anonymous said...

i ended up getting 7 books in all which i'll be blogging about soon, i think.

i took ages in the bookshop but still had to be patient as my wife took even longer in the clothes shop!

ZACL said...

That's clever thinking isn't it. While you carefully browse and delight in your bookish treat, the wife chooses that occasion to go clothes shopping.

Seven books, that's something. I take ages to get through my reading these days because I feel guilty about not getting on with the domestic jobs. When I do sit down, it is late, and I don't have the concentration to enjoy my reading.

What I do now is go to a local coffee shop a couple of times a week, and if not waylaid, I will read for an hour or so then. The hairdressing salon is another reading opportunity, but only every few weeks.

Happy reading! Books are a great way to prolong the recognition of ones birthday.

Anonymous said...

yes it was very cunning of her but it worked well as we both got what we wanted without irritating the other.

i prefer to buy my books in splurges so i'm well stocked-up for a considerable time and my only problem is in which order to read them all!

ZACL said...

What a lovely problem to have; when to read what.