Monday, December 13, 2010


Councils and us the plebeians, are being told by Central Government that the swingeing cuts to local authority grants are to be absorbed by the local authority councils and not passed on in local tax increases. The councils are told, they are expected to do more for less.

Our council have told us that due to popular demand from people to do more recycling, domestic refuse collections will reduce to fortnightly collections. I do not recollect demanding anything of the kind. What I do demand is a proportionate reduction in my community charge for a reduction in services. I think that would be quite equitable and progressive.


Vincent said...

Please don't blame the present Government for the weasel words of your Council.

That you didn't personally demand that the council do more recycling does not rule out the possibility that several people did. It's unlikely that anyone demanded "less recycling", so there you have it, "popular demand" (in the absence of a properly vetted referendum, I suggest this is at least two council tax payers!

As for progressive, well, you'll be lucky, dear ZACL!(What does progressive mean?)

ZACL said...

Dearest Vincent,

I do love your tongue in cheek. You do it expertly. :)

I figure, like you, at least two tax payers could have requested (not demanded) more recycling in formsother than reduced refuse collecting. It is more likely that there are certain council members who say they are heavily supporting, opportunistically, the metaphoric representative "two".

Then of course, there are the weasel words of the Westminster Government Minister. Let's see how they pan out.

Oh dear, I see you and I are in the same fog about the definition/s of 'progressive'. What chance is there then of truly knowing what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

we got 2 days of snow right at the start of december and nothing's been collected since, in january's bad spell we went an entire month without seeing a single bin man!

will we get a rebate on our ouncil tax for non-provision of services?

i'm not holding my breath!

ZACL said...

Hi Ax.

Have you tried asking for a rebate, along with your neighbours? There may be some force majeur in numbers.

A young friend of mine, who is obdurate and obstinate, was given a £50 cheque for non-collection of his refuse, (which like all of us, he pays for). His bin has never since been ignored. As he is a teacher, he chose school holidays in which to stake out the Senior member of council staff under whose remit refuse collection came.

Anonymous said...

that's a very good idea and one well worth thinking about...i have noticed some people are actually paying an axtra fee (on top of what they already cough-up in council tax) to have their rubbish removed in bad weather.

ZACL said...

I am amazed...who is creating this coercive little number?