Friday, January 28, 2011


It is not too much to expect, is it, that when you phone a line that is called a technical help-line, you speak to someone who has a bit more than a modicum of knowledge about the subject matter. Failing that, it would be quite alright to assess a help call and pass it onto someone who can understand the simple issues, in this case, about new P.C's.

Instead, I found myself speaking to a lady, (woman-to-woman) who admitted to not having the basic understanding, even for the questions I was asking; that her dad who is more knowledgeable sorts out her needs:!: 

Each question I ask, necessitates the help-line lady disappearing in order to feed me back an answer someone has given her. I do learn that these days, the computers sold by this store have the platform and the software pre-loaded, and that there are no support or back-up disks. I have to download the system and programmes etc. onto disks of my own.

I should need about three CD re-writables, just like the lady's dad used. 

Surely, I ask, there's every risk of a re-writable disk being over-written or deleted.....and do CD's have enough capacity for the download? "Oh yes, my dad found it enough"......Any reason why I should not use CD writables instead of re-writables, or should I use DVD recordable disks? The telephone assistant waffles. 

There were some other queries, which I didn't pursue. If I have to call the company's technical helpline ever again, I do hope I speak to someone who is conversant with the basics, or maybe, if I am lucky, I'll get to speak to 'dad'. :.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me as all they do is read from the script and seem incapable of answering other questions. Be thankful it wasn't one of these automated speaking systems! Customer sevice and technical support is generally appalling nowadays and I veer between avoiding it or 'fighting' it. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Fair point Mr F.

With this company I don't expect to get an automated hang about machine. There are menus, not too many thankfully, which are clear. That's how I got to the Technical Department!

I reckon - I know - I could do a lot better on P.C. advice line, even if I was plumping up the knowledge I already have with a script, it would keep me up-to-date. The lassie I spoke to, did not have the basics.