Thursday, September 15, 2011


Not all that grows in a garden is totally perfect. It can clearly be seen every time we survive a gale, a storm, or a long period of indifferent weather. So, for a change, I am posting a mixed pick of the beauties of nature. The photos were taken in limited time opportunities between long bursts of rain. 

These nasturtium leaves are the ones that were not blackened with windburn by the storms, however, you can see, like the flower, they have suffered some singeing and wind damage.
Nature has its own way of giving weather warnings, and if I am not much mistaken, these calendula flowers were protecting themselves by clustering together. Are there tiny black bugs sheltering on leaves and the underside of a petal or two.
Another one of nature's creatures taking the last of the Summer wine perhaps.
A brave burst of vibrant colour. I wanted a picture of it, just in case the flower does not survive the severe weather that is expected,
Is this insect visitor seeking food or shelter, or both from the yellow calendula flower. I think the bloom has been got at before, but, hey! Whatever size creature you are, you don't turn down easily accessible and probably desirable food.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures, I think that rain drops always add something slightly magical! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

The photos were really taken between rain falls which is, I suppose, why the raindrops are so pervasive and definite. At least they were not bugged! :)

I agree with your sentiments and thank you for your comments.


keiko amano said...


The flowers are so beautiful. Raindrops, lights, and shadows help reveal the personality of each flower. They look delicious.

ZACL said...

Hello Keiko,

I like your use of the description 'delicious'. I do put these flowers in salads to eat. Interestingly, the Nasturtiums this year, though late flowering, have had a stronger peppery and nuttier flavour than usual.

Converseley, the Calendula flowers did not seem as tasty as the ones I had last year. I have found it is best to pick the Calendula flowers before they are too big if I want to use them. This year, more flowers have remained decorative in the garden, than for use in my salads.

Thank you for your interesting comments on the pictures.