Saturday, April 21, 2012


The time is drawing nigh when blogger's new look will be imposed upon us. There will no longer be the choice to revert back to the 'old look'. If what I have already seen of the new look, then we are in for a clinical upheaval, much like the one imposed on Gmail.  What fun I have had with that, calming it down for easier working. I am constant to Bloggers 'old' look, it works for me. It probably works for lots of users.  I wonder if there will be as many unhappy bunnies on this site once the changes do take place, as there are with Gmail.

Some of the disgruntlement is down to core features missing on Gmail, others are not yet connected. It, too, is clinically stark, and I have spent some time trying to customise it to make the page easier on the eye. As for it being an improvement, the jury is out.  The presentation and format appear to be in essence, a corporate colour scheme makeover. 

A change for change sake....if it ain't broke don't fix it.


Vincent said...

I thought it had already happened. And in any case it surely won't change the design of our blogs, just the backroom pages in which we design our blogs?

ZACL said...

I found X 2 that I could return to the old look on the dashboard, which is where I am at just now, Vincent. For anyone who has not stepped back, it will have already happened by accidental default.

As for the backroom pages of design, you will understand more of that than I do and I look forward to more helpful exchanges with you on that score.