Saturday, September 15, 2012


A great day for the laundry, we've got a dry one; the washing can blow excessively on the washing line. Most of my time has been spent working around the time schedule of the washing machine programmes. That is substantially different from meditating while watching the laundry cycle round through the porthole of the machine door, which I remember doing years ago, when I regularly used laundrettes. It was even more 'exciting' in the laundrette when your wash load graduated to the tumble drying machines that ate an awful lot of coins in payment for using them. They had bigger doors with a great big porthole. What must my eyes have looked like when I eventually left the premises with my laundered and dried load.
Now, I am working round the drying time. I shall slip away from blog soon, to prepare the evening meal. By the time that is done and all has been eaten, I am very sure that everything pegged out on the line, with extra pegs, will be absolutely battered dry by the fierce mild winds that are currently blasting here. Weighted down with what I will have eaten, I should be well grounded to fight the elements and relieve the rotary drying line of my many washed items. With luck, I'll avoid the rotary drying line from bashing me while I fight to get the washing in the laundry basket.


Flighty said...

That sounds a bit like a TV game show! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

That's a novel idea Mr F. I wonder who will 'lift' it and produce the hit!


ShimonZ said...

What a pleasure it is to get all the wash done, and clean clothing in drawers and closets... may you have many pleasant cycles.

miramaze said...

A job well done , and an eco -friendly one at that :)

My own laundry day has been moved to Wednesday this week as my usual Monday slot was taken.

No wind option for us - it's out of the washer and into the tumble drier !


Anonymous said...

I go to the laundrette several times a year to do our big quilt, I sit and daydream as I watch it go round and round in the machine and dryer.

I did not get my washing out and now it is raining today. Oh well, hope you got yours in okay.

Garden Girl

snowbird said...

Good to see you using the line instead of the tumble dryer. It's always great to get washing in from the line, especially sheets, they always smell so nice and hardly need ironing.
I remember the launderette days too, we would all try and make a mad dash for the warmest dryer....there would always be a battle-axe who would beat me to it!xxxxx

ZACL said...

Hello Shimon,

Shana Tova!

Pleasing [wash] cycles would be a dream in more ways than one.

ZACL said...

Hello Mira,

There will be a time, probably in the bitter cold of winter winds, sleet or horizontal rain, when none of my washing will be dried outside. My fuel bill will no doubt, show it. (That's another story).

I've always liked drying washing outside when I can, probably an old habit picked up as I grew up.

ZACL said...

Hi Garden girl,

I get concerned when 'anonymous' leaves a message. I am glad you are not spam. I wonder if there is a way round it. It's good to hear from you though.

Some of the laundry got separated from pegs and the washing line by the force of the winds. Nothing disappeared, fortunately.

ZACL said...

Snowbird, I wonder if we used the same laundrette!!

When I can, I do prefer to use the fresh air, (which ours is) to dry off the laundry. It's a lot better than airing a lot of wet stuff in the house, which I try not to do. Sometimes though, the weather does not offer any option.

As for the ironing bit, if our winds were not so unhelpful sometimes - not always - I would avoid ironing more than I do. Yesterday was hopeless, it was a case of grab and stash into the basket; some pieces were wound round the lines. What fun,(not!)

Vincent said...

Long may we fly the flags and bunting of our laundry on washing lines, & rejoice in Nature's own tumble dryer and the anti-bacterial qualities of fresh air!

ZACL said...

Hello Vincent,

You made me chuckle, again. I don't think our air is totally anti-bacterial; I cannot vouch for that, since people are people, and they do breathe in the air around them, and breathe out whatever their systems release; not to mention the animals around and about.

However, the air is a lot cleaner than in cities and in major industrial areas, except when we get the residual outpourings of volcanic eruptions from other countries. No washing is outside then, and I try not to go out, either. Fortunately, those experiences are rare.