Friday, October 12, 2012


As I picked up mine, the man asked the shop assistant nearby what the difference was between the two makes of Selkirk Bannock on display.  He listened to her answer, then turning to me asked why I had chosen the Bannock in held in my hand. I gave him an explanation, then trotted off to do a little more shopping.  At the desk, I was watching the assistant check the items through the till, when I felt a nudge,  and to my amazement turned to find the man holding out two Selkirk Bannocks, one in each hand;

"Would you look at these two for me and say which one you think is best?"

The shop assistant he had chatted to earlier was in earshot and she looked as surprised as I felt and probably looked.

In for a penny, in for a pound, (as the saying goes) I duly checked out both buns.  While the man watched, I inspected them top sides and bottom.  I offered him the one I preferred.  He promptly placed the Bannock on the counter and left to return the deselected one to its place.  I turned just in time to see the cashier tap the cost of his 'bun' on to my bill and put it in the bag with my goods.

"Oh no it's not  mine." I said.  The cashier queried this in a high pitched voice......

"Just delete it off the bill" said the first shop assistant, "and I'll explain later".   Turning to me, she added "You've become the personal shopper".


Jennytc said...

I'm glad you included a picture, ZACL. I had no idea what a Selkirk-Bannock was! ;)

snowbird said...

I'm with Jennyta, I too would have had no idea....a good enough reason for you to become my personal shopper too!!!
Up for the job??????xxxxx said...

I would trust you to give an informed reply and some honest appraisal - perhaps you should think if a new career?

ZACL said...

Hi Jennyta,

Sorry about late reply - I'll have to check my settings on this present blog arrangement - the comments have not been arriving in my inbox. I.T.!!!!!

As we were then; I had a feeling that there might be some assistance required in the Selkirk Bannock quarter - glad the picture helped. The one I bought was from this company - they are really good, or more to the point, it was really good. :)

ZACL said...

If you're offering me a job Snowbird, then (bowing) delighted to take up your offer. (Rubs right shoulder with pride). :)

The make shown, is top notch.

ZACL said...

Salut GS (not Gilbert + Sullivan),

Thanks for your comment.

Perhaps I should broaden my outlook - I'll cogitate on what, where and how.

The Bannock was excellent. :)