Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We've had a cracking few days here. Sunday was sharp and windy. It was even windier and colder at the harbour.

There was high surf out at sea and a large number of surfers enjoying it. I felt some surfers were a little too far out to sea for their own safety, waiting for the next big surf to roll them towards the shoreline. Others were using little rafts to belly roll the end of the foaming convolvuli. At the harbour itself one hardy soul had removed his dry suit to waist level and was briskly drying himself off before diving into his car to find some warm top clothing. I shivered.

Today was a bit warmer, no wind to speak of. It was warm enough to wear just a fleece but I don't think it was warm enough to walk out with short-sleeved off the shoulder tee shirts. I know we're meant to be thick blooded in these hardier, colder, climes, however, even I balk at dressing down too soon in the year. This is only February, after all. I guess the first bit of reasonable bright weather has brought out the sun worshippers, even though there was no real warmth in the sunshine.

I'm off to mix with the softies over the border; service to this blog will resume as normal in due course - when I return home :)


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