Friday, March 07, 2008


After all this time, I still feel that this a a 'silent' blog sphere. There is quality about here; I know three U.S.bloggers who use this site, who migrated away from another when I did and two of the three link into my other blog, as that one became my blogsite of choice. Why did it become my site of choice? Because it was easier to interact with other bloggers than it is with this site.

Seeking other blogs here is not made simple. There is quite a maze of layers to negotiate, after seeking assistance via the help section. Then what you find is scrappy. It is equally as awful as seeking help with Microsoft software when you need to, (something I avoid like the plague). A certain coded language seems to be needed for the search criteria, ordinary English is not enough. I may be wrong, however, it seems to me that bloggers here, also need to have computer programming ability as well as knowledge to set up links to outer space and what have you!

I don't always agree with the blogs of choice that are offered; I want to choose my own, those that suit my interests, tastes and at times my cultural background. As said, the blog search is not facilitated. This site has potential, but is cumbersome and not truly interactive. It is a great pity.


Vincent said...

Seeking other blogs. How I found a blog community was a bit odd. A friend asked me how to set up a web site. I realised a blog would suit him best. Over a period of time he seemed to attract a number of "spiritually inclined" but not overtly religious readers. I commented on theirs and they found mine. Though you will never find the word "spiritual" on my site. It's a word I'm a bit suspicious of.

I am curious as to what kind of person you are: young, old, male female etc. But don't tell me. Mysteries are better.

ZACL said...

You're right, mysteries can be better. However, your musings have made me smile. It's good.

Thank you for visiting. You will find more of me and my varied thoughts on my main blog which is at I stay in contact with Hayden and Josh through there as well.

If Blogspot were less like a dark, heavy, undrawn velvet curtain I would find myself stretching my blogging. So maybe the heavy curtain has a silver lining ;)

TG said...

I love blogger and you can do so much to customize your blog. Wouldn't wanna change to any other service. I heat Blogger :) Thanks for dropping by. Wonder, how you came accross my blog O_o

ZACL said...

I think I found your blog by one of two ways; either skating about someone else's blog, or finding your blog title in the 'interesting listings'; always a perilous way of exploring, as such lists are very subjective.

One of the difficulties I have with this site is that it is not, for me, intuitive to use. I have difficulty in finding who is around. It seems to me that you have to browse around other peoples blogs to connect to anyone. It would be good to be able to see who is currently online, who has recently blogged, with titles, if any, then visit.

However, I don't want to make this a big moan. I have decided to return more frequently,and in the process seek out guidance on how to 'do' things here.