Sunday, August 09, 2009


We met a horse today, or rather, it decided it wanted to associate with us. I am not sure why, since himself called it 'Dobbin' . This regal, probably half thoroughbred creature, would never be trundling around like a beach ride 'Dobbin'. The other superb horse in the field, with a broader white blaze on his muzzle, maintained appropriate due disdain.

The horse was very sociable and trailed along its side of the fence in pace with us. Himself, took a liking to it and found wadges of juicy lengths of grass, different varieties if he could, for the horse to chew on. Twice we saw its teeth; not knowing a lot about horses, I wasn't sure if this was a warning or a 'hee-haw' smile. He tossed his head lightly when he did it.

Would you describe a muscular equine as dainty in any way? In this instance I would, because, when offered the handfuls of juicy blades of grasses, our four-legged companion chose not to take it all at once. Invariably, this prince of horses, savoured what was offered in at least two mouthfuls. It was also demonstrative and affectionate; it wanted to be patted after the offerings were taken.

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