Sunday, August 09, 2009


There is an increasing trend, I think, for people to subscribe to blog sites and use them as twitter boards. Is this a reprisal against the 'oldies' of 17+ years who may be easing the youngsters out of their fora? There again, is it those same people re-defining the format of blog posts?

There are people who post other people's ideas, usually those of dead people. Little, if any, development or discussion of the material they post, takes place. I cannot believe they are incapable of some original thought of their own.

There are people who are purposely provocative when they post, mostly, items of the day, local issues, politics. They then take up the position of barrack room lawyers, who, when probed, even challenged a little, have no substance to offer to their stances.

This is familiar.... it is a mirroring of social life outside of the cyber zone, or is it another social dimension of limited proportions, or something else ?

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