Our chum from Westminster, the one who rides a bike to work. You know who I mean, our chummy David Cameron of the big 'C' party. (I'd better not use the actual title in case it causes mayhem). If you're still not really sure who I am talking about, chummy has even been known to cycle up a one-way street the wrong way, when he thought no-one was looking,(laddish that was) and he helped himself to some maintenance expenses for his main residence, when he thought he wouldn't be caught out. You remember, he claimed for the sort of house maintenance, cutting plant life off walls, we mere mortals would expect to pay for, out of our much, much lower annual incomes. Paying it all back, meant it was alright then. The original intention didn't matter. It's a strange definition of the law, that one.

Anyway, chummy, decided to be even chummier than usual on the radio and was told off by his press buddy for the use of the chummiest of language. As I figure, our chum reckoned that too much twittering made for the development of 'twats' (there, now I've said it.....oh dearie me), and it is possible to get, or to be 'pissed' off.

You can't pay for the enduring benefits of endearing publicity like that can you.