Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ye Gods!  I must call upon Pegasus my trusty steed to safely transport me where I shall find the clouds.  Shall they be curtains, or pretty scattered fluffy pads.  This I shall have to find, as until such time as I secure my way to the new words and letterings of which cyber skies are composed, (clouds)  I am unable to tell.


Vincent said...

And what is wrong with the real clouds, that (unless you live deep underground) you can see from your window, or step out of your door and gaze up towards?

But you are talking about IT clouds, I see. Is it links you need? I know I ought to publish a standard set of links on my site, to sites I find exciting, but I'm too fickle. Try this one - but then, I'm into dandyism etc at the moment.

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

"Try this one" which one?

You're right it is I.T. clouds I seek. I read up on it somewhere, so discovering, partly, what they were. It might be that Blogger doesn't have them yet. Do you think that is so?

Vincent said...

"This one" should have appeared on your screen in a different text colour, indicating a clickable link, my dear ZACL. My offer remains open to show you how it's done---creating the links I mean, not clicking them.

The Web is a cloud in the general IT sense of being a zone in which we don't need to know the navigation that connects us to one another, or to where the data is stored. Look up "cloud computing" in Wikipedia.

But what I think you mean is a "tag cloud". Wikipedia has an article on those too.

ZACL said...

Hello Vincent,

I followed your link which, unexpectedly brought back memories of NY flea markets I have been to.

I think it might be tags I am thinking about, the clouds I saw were related to 'words' (are label words tags?) rather than just a set of rigidly laid out listings of labels.

I'll check on Wiki and go see if I can find my other source that set me thinking about this.

As for links, I shall be glad in the not too distant future to obtain some guidance on them in blogger. Thanks.

Flighty said...

For real clouds look no further than the Cloud Appreciation Society of which I am a member, not surprisingly as I'm always looking skyward! xx

ZACL said...

I am not surprised that you are always looking up at skies Mr F. :)

We have a book on (sky) clouds, it is called Clouds, readily available. Not a big book, dippable and eminently useful to gardeners, seafarers, walkers, and anyone else who is into outdoor activities.