Tuesday, September 15, 2009


On Sunday 13th September I posted about following and followers; the discomfort that I would, as a refined Edwardian Lady feel, if I could not adjust, delicately of course, the arrangements with followers here in the ballroom at the grand Blogspot cyber estate. My fan has been waving overtime to keep my head cool in order to keep my thoughts focussed on this curious, apparently insoluble phenomenon.  Oh dear, my head was cyber buzzing......the strain of it was telling upon me.  Smelling salts were retained nearby for my comfort.

Sitting quietly in my pleasant peaceful bureau, overlooking the parkland with its groomed grounds and luscious green trees, the flora and the fauna of nature's pleasantries, it occurred to me that perhaps there were some subtle avenues I had as yet, not explored in Blogspot cyber estate. With renewed energy, I summoned the cyber carriage and it sauntered through the maps of paths I found in the  pages of the Blogspot tome, to reveal Bloggers' complexities, thereby, averting a diplomatic breach.  

I am pleased to report I now appear to have succeeded in my task and am able to calmly and sensibly enjoy my pleasant domestic environment 


TG said...

Finally! Welcome in the Blogspot world. I think it's the best place to be. You have to earn your followers, but once you have them, they are loyal and supportive. I'm always happy about a good discussion, even if with less comments. Becuse some bloggers here, who are popular, write some cr*p and they get 70 comments in the sort of: Great post! Wow! I'm like you. You're awsome... Half of these didn't even read the post. If they did, who knows if they understood it. You don't want that, do you? I mean, you can be happy, you have me, Adamatixx, we're great readers and commentators, aren't we? :)

Good luck with blogging.

ZACL said...

I have been 'refining' the blogs I started to follow, now that I have discovered how to do it.

As I recently said to Ax, whom I have known a long time, I am not interested in quantity, (I never have been on any blog site)I seek quality.

Popularity does not necessarily mean interesting or stimulating posting. It is all subjective of course. An initially delightful style, can sometimes become stale very quickly as it does not vary, either with substance or varied thought.

I have a number of links to people some who probably won't comment on my posts, (not all on Blogspot) however, their posts have something I want, that is why they are in my blog listings.


Vincent said...

I've added my name as a follower, ZACL, the least I could do because for complex reasons I don't publish a list of the blogs I regularly read, when alerted by Google Reader.

There are millions of paths I haven't explored. I think one has to rely on fate to present the ones which may be relevant today, with always the enticement of new ones to discover.

ZACL said...

I agree with your thoughts about bloggers' unexplored paths, or the new ones that have been quietly installed. It can be a matter of pot luck to find your way through what is not a very tidy or easy blog site to navigate.

My next task is to find my way to 'clouds'!

ZACL said...

PS Vincent.

Thank you for adding yourself as a follower of by blog, I appreciate that.

adamantixx said...

what i want to know is "where did you get your cyber blog estate from?"
it sounds absolutely adorable!
i've often dreamt of writing blogs from a remote storm-tossed lighthouse...i'd love it!

ZACL said...

Ax there's a case here for a private cyber line. A variation of planes, perhaps?