Friday, September 18, 2009


Electronically speaking androids.  who dreamed them up?  The ones I have had the misfortune to connect with have either sounded like what I think a silly, brightly-sounding, trying to be grown up, Barbie doll would sound like. Or, if the voice is male, its always the same thirty something male, with the same timbre, phrasing and light tone.  All these androids activate on the sound of a voice, yours or mine, when we answer our phone calls.  It's curious, I never have electronic android voice messages on my answering machine.

"Are you the person who phoned xxxxxxxxx company yesterday?"
"May we ask you about the call.....just three questions?"
"Thank you, rate your answers 0 -9 with 9 being excellent."

What I really I want to know, was the reason for my call taken seriously and properly processed. This android won't tell me that, of course.  My curiosity allowed this call through, it will not be repeated.


TG said...

I really wonder what's the point of having less and less people employed. We will estrange ourselves and what would work be then? Weird.

ZACL said...

Estrange ourselves from reality to sound-alike electronic voices, is where we are going, MKL. It is 'cost-effective' or creates 'efficiency savings' in business-speak. Unemployment results.