Saturday, September 19, 2009


I sat behind the wheel of the car, with my brakes on, motionless. I couldn't carry on driving, otherwise I would have been in a head-on collision with a maniac overtaking three vehicles, who was zooming towards me and was perilously close. There was nowhere else I could go other than stay where I was, motionless in my car on the road. Realising where he was heading at speed, directly into me, the idiot applied his brakes and got back into his lane by the skin of his and my teeth.

I sounded my horn, the prospective killer responded with a polite wave and a nod. And so he damn well should, at the very least. I gingerly started to drive on.

:>> grrr


Flighty said...

Frightening! When I learnt to drive my instructor told me that he could teach me to be the best driver in the world but that it'd be another silly sod of a driver who'd kill me! xx

ZACL said...

How true your driving instructor's words were.

I have seen a few bad driving scenarios, fortunately not all so closely involving me. I hope that's the last for some time.

TG said...

I guess drivers like that one are everywhere. I had some bad experiences of this kind myself.

Please take care on the road, ZACL,
I just got used to your blog :-)

adamantixx said...

one thing the world will never have a shortage of is idiot seems to me that these boy racers often get off barely scratched while others around them are far less fortunate.

ZACL said...


I aim to stay around a while longer, other idiots, permitting. Thanks :)

Hello Ax,

The sad thing is, some of the drivers are old enough to be considered mature. The other road kill to watch for on our roads are the born-again racers on two wheels.

As you say, its all the innocent third parties that suffer from the maniacs on the road.