Sunday, September 13, 2009


I visited my section of  'layout', to check the blogs I am following.  I have a followers button, though I don't remember clicking on that before,  when I wanted to adjust my list. 

As all good Edwardian ladies would have done, I  genteelly raised my fan to my face and elegantly twirled it in various directions, while I privately cogitated how to gain access to the list to make the necessary changes, with decorum, of course.  I would not wish to discourage any followers, would I.

A lot of funny numbering arrangements in boxes came into view, with more boxes offering colours for them, for my gadgets??  Am I in the right ballroom?  

...Cogitations will have to be temporarily suspended while I accept the next engagement with a highly presentable beau.  This has to be one that I must follow!


TG said...

You wrote that like a poem :-) Are you feeling mellow?

ZACL said...


'Mellow' that's one way to describe going up a road and finding you are in a 'no way through' thoroughfare.