Saturday, September 12, 2009


It is so bl**dy  frustrating!!  Last weekend when we wanted to go on a guided walk,  the weather was so awful early on in the morning, we decided to give it a miss.  The ground was sodden from the flooding we had during the rest of the week.  So, what happens then?  The weather changes for the better late morning, too late to think about the outing.

Today we decided come what may, we would get out for today's walk.  It meant a rushed lunch, a sandwich, finished in the car on the way to the meeting point twenty miles away.  Four miles from starting point, the car broke down.  The previously willing workhorse, glided to a halt.  We had to call out the motor assistance.

Are you in a safe place? ..........As safe as we can be. ..........What does that mean?  I explain to the nice guy at the end of the motor rescue line, several hundreds of miles from where we are, we are on the road.

Can you go somewhere? ....... No, we'll sit in the car. .........There's nowhere to go? ..............No, we're in an exposed and remote place.  Would you put on your hazard lights please. ........We have done that and also we've put out on the road, our warning triangle. ......Oh excellent!  He exclaims.  (It must be a rarity).

We're told we'll be treated as priority because of the circumstances .........And there's lots of assistance available where you are......  We know that's not true.  One company has the contract for a county and a half.  A huge land mass to cover.  Three more phone calls later from the assistance people, to check we're okay, and the breakdown vehicle and trailer arrives.

Absolutely bloomin' typical.  The engine starts up and does what it should do.

An hour later, we are at home.  Let's hope we can get to next week's journey around ancient times.

Thank heavens for cell phones.


Flighty said...

At least it wasn't in bad weather, or the middle of winter!
The last couple of times I've had a problem it's either been at home or work thankfully, where I could go and have a cup of tea whilst waiting for them. xx

ZACL said...

If I gave you the impression it was perfect weather, I'm afraid it wasn't. It was just better today, than it might have been, it was also quite windy and in an exposed location, the car was the only option to take shelter.

We have been caught out in worse weather and winter too...not much fun is it.

I am just glad it does not happen too often. xx