Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been thinking about the parents in America who acted out accidentally sending their youngest son off on un-piloted flight, in a silver saucer-shaped air balloon.

The child had been 'hiding' in the house loft for several hours while the charade was being acted out, while it was filmed and the alarm being raised with the emergency authorities, including the police.  The happy families game was then paraded before the media cameras with the youngest child evidently miserable, sitting on the lap of one of his parents, saying he wanted to go that  he wanted to vomit. 

The parents, who are trained actors, have set stunts before to publicize themselves, though, I believe the stunts were not quite at the level of this one.  Following investigation, these hedonistic adults have admitted wasting everyone's time and are now being charged with offences.

What I have not heard, is anything said about the psychological cruelty that has been inflicted on to the youngest child, the poor parenting that has been demonstrated by these morally deficient individuals.   I believe this family are worthy of closer examination by the child welfare organisations in America.   I hope that not hearing anything about it, does not mean this aspect of the parents' performance has been neglected by the public child protection agencies.


Vincent said...

Are you saying that whenever a judgment of "poor parenting" is passed (by whom?) then a government agency should intervene?

Do you believe governments are more to be trusted than families?

Or - in this case - that the press media should be trusted to pass judgments?

ZACL said...

Let me pose you three questions Vincent, at this stage of your response.

Would you have made your children go through the same performances?

If you would, why?

If you would not use your children in the same way, why not?

Vincent said...

Well, no I wouldn't. But I am sure I have done things that others might have seen as mistakes with my children; and things which I would certainly admit to have been mistakes.

Should a government department intervene, is the point; when the issue is not obvious physical or sexual abuse?

TG said...

I think the parents are crazy, yea, but I agree with Vincent on this case. Although I strongly disapprove what they did, I think an intervention would be too much, there are far worse cases that would need more attention. But I'd definitely keep an eye on these 2 parents.

ZACL said...

We all make mistakes in parenting, also like you, I would not do to a child what has happened in this case. I would trust that you and I have more developed moral and behavioural compasses. Like you, Vincent I would not put a child through the trauma the little one went through. He was clearly distressed.

And Yes, MKL, I fully agree, these parents do need watching. It raises questions about what else has been happening that could affect the future well-being of the kids.

Because we do not physically see the effects of psychological abuse, it does not mean it is less painful than sexual or physical abuse. Its affects are equally as long-lasting and damaging.