Thursday, October 29, 2009


Things happen in threes.  There are some events that I would rather not happen, not even in threes.  The frustrating thing is, we usually do not have control over the happenings that occur in threes, they just happen.

This week has been a case in point.  On Tuesday I received two notifications; 

One was of the death of a  beloved pet, a fabulous great dane, a gentle giant, a king of canines.  I was most honoured, as this dog, who had a huge inside 'house/nest' invited me, on one occasion, to sit with him in it.  I did decline and made a huge fuss of him instead.  On another visit, dog also bared his tummy for tickles, not a feature of all his human contacts.  He was a great character and will be sorely missed by his people and their friends.

My next note was from a friend to say she was bereaved, her mother had died.  Though not unexpected, it is usually a shock and a huge loss.

Today, we had our day planned, nothing too strenuous.  On leaving the dentist, twenty miles away from home, hubby received a call from a close relative who was about to be boarded into an ambulance.  The good thing about this was that we were on the right side of the county and were able to meet the ambulance at the general hospital.

I've been racking my brains in case there's been another threesome this week of a different sort.  So far, we are up to two domestic appliance breakdowns;  with one, a repair has been done, the bill has yet to be received.  Just in case, I think I shall take superstition by the horns and break the spells.   The domestic issues can stop at two.  I've decided, that in this instance, three's a crowd!  So, while it is fresh in my mind, I shall depart this blog and do what has to be done.


Marie said...

I know, it's weird how everything happens in threes. I've noticed it too. It's scary because it seems out of our control.

ZACL said...

Things unfold, unbidden, don't they.