Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Following the resolution of a European case against Microsoft's dominance in the internet browsing department, Europeans will get a choice of internet browsers to use.  You can choose to make one of them a default browser.  This is always changeable if you are not entirely comfortable with your first choice. 

As most people purchase computers with a Microsoft pre-loaded platform such as Windows and Internet Explorer, it has so far dominated the market. This very dominance has made Internet Explorer fair game for being corrupted, in addition to the integral weaknesses that the programming has been shown to have.  The updates and patches seem endless. It goes without saying, then, that security when browsing the web with Internet Explorer,(I.E.) is, at the least, compromised.  Now, you have choices made evident, you, the human browser can migrate to something considerably more secure.

There should be an indicator in the I.E. window to lead you to several other internet browsers such as Opera, Firefox, to name two, but there are others you may recognise from the immediate list that shows up.  Scroll down a little further where you will find others,some lesser known ones, which you can test out.

All these options are now available because of protests by developers of other browsers who could not get any 'publicity' because of the dominance of one provider, (restrictive practices in business) and because of the security concerns raised by users like you and me, who have been exposed to the problems created by the weaknesses in the dominant system. 

Having decided it was time to go elsewhere, a very long time ago, I have been using an alternative browser. I am content with the choice I made.


TG said...

IE really sucks on my Vista. I actually don't care, if IE is pre-installed. At least I can use it to download Modzilla and Chrome. I'm mostly using the latter, but I was a big Modzilla fan before. I like both, though. The more browsers they make, the better for the users.

ZACL said...


You are right the more choice the better...EXCEPT.... the choices seems to be equally as truncated as before and the majority of browsers work with two engines.

The recommended alternative browsers even so, appear to be Mozilla, Opera and Safari. There is one other, the names of which escapes me as I had never heard of it before I started reading the reports.

TG said...

Try using Google Chrome, it's really fast and easy to use. It's my current favorite :)

ZACL said...

I am content with the browsers I do use. I may think about Google Chrome sometime, perhaps It is one of the browsers that uses the same engine as Internet Explorer.

Thanks :)