Monday, March 01, 2010


In recent days, I have come across postings on American blog sites that make me cringe and my toes curl. I cannot understand the humour, whichever way I try to analyse it. There are quips and jokes at the expense of people and nations living in, and with, the effects of current natural disasters. These people, who appear to be enjoying the grave misfortunes of others, are too comfortable, I think, in their own zones, and deal with anything that might take them out of those zones, with cheap jibes. I despair at the vast numbers of people who fed into this.

For better or worse, I challenged a blogger who generated such soul-less stuff. She gave a pithy explanation for her style...campaigning against low level media, for one excuse. This rationalisation did not go without further comment. The blogger has now introduced a new subject to get out of the dubious thread. I have a feeling she had a revelatory moment and realised what she had introduced was no better than that which she said she was campaigning against. I sincerely hope so!


TG said...

That woman's concept is very tricky. Especially if she has to explain it to skeptics, it's certainly not a good one. Do you have a link to that post?

ZACL said...


I agree with you. She's posting on a right wing site, owned by Fox News. I know from a previous association on different blog site, she is a well travelled and cultured person. Underlying her ascerbic presentations, is a humane person. I can suggest reasons for this unhappy stretching of the boundaries (as I see it), but I cannot vouchsafe for some of the others I have come across.

It is to me, a disturbing trend, which I sincerely hope doesn't reflect on a nation at large. It may just be blog behaviour. That too, is no excuse.

I'll send you a link.

Anonymous said...

it must be easy to make jokes at the expense of weaker, less fortunate nations when one is resident in the comparitive lap of luxury.

i've never seen why some people think such behaviour is either big or particularly clever.

ZACL said...

I couldn't agree more Ax. I get the feeling it becomes an easy way to get a particular audience and keep it and whatever buzz comes from it. It is shallow.