Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Raoul Moat. The person who had this name, in a very short space of time enjoyed a certain level of notoriety in the U.K.  He engineered, by his behaviour, a large and expensive manhunt, a necessary hunt.  Remember, we will all have to pay for it. 

Moat's state of mind and his personality can be analysed to kingdom come, where presumably he now rests along with the dead victim of his actions. To do what he did, there was some pre-planning, there were accomplices who looked after him, and in all likelihood, supplied Moat with his lethal tools. Once Moat started the roller-coaster of destruction, it was unlikely he would be able to stop it. He had probably worked out beforehand in his own mind, how the brakes would be slammed on. 

It should not be forgotten, this man left many victims. His own children, will no doubt, learn to survive their father, I hope they do it well. Then, there is one policeman and an ex-girlfriend who have been shot and injured by him. In addition, there are the families and friends of these people. They all hurt and grieve. Moat has a brother and an uncle that we have heard from, they will experience emotional turmoil too.

Due to the media playing the angles and distortions game here, anything to keep the story going, sell papers, gain or keep audiences, with absolutely no care as to the effects on others who have been hurt, Moat is suddenly sparking a posthumous persona as a victim of every control structure in society. Lest we forget, this man worked as a bouncer; he was not averse to using power and controlling others. 

The spree killings in Cumbria, ( in the North of England)  a very recent one day horror, has not, as far as I know, resulted in the perpetrator being venerated as a victim. Setting up Moat to be a heroic victim in his end, is a distorted, vainglorious coup de grace.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised by the police PR, the media frenzy or public reaction. All combine to toxic effect when something like this happens which then becomes extremely distasteful. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

I couldn't agree more Mr F. The whole event and story was and is toxic on all fronts.

In the final analysis, the Police dealt with a dangerously disturbed individual who had committed murder, shot and injured his ex-girlfriend and injured (possibly maimed) a police officer. In the background, there were hints about this person's worrying behaviour to his children.

There are bound to be procedural and practice issues that will have to be examined in this case.