Tuesday, July 19, 2011


That Sunday was too nice a day not to take advantage of.  There was a breeze, (by soft Southern standards, it would be windy). At the top of the day, temperatures were about 20.5 degrees Celsius, dropping later to about 16 degrees. Most of the time there was bright sunshine, under which the countryside and the sea glowed and glinted.

At the Lodge where we stopped for refreshment, we saw haymaking, (while the sun shone).

The view through the trees was really tranquil.

It's surprising what you see at your feet.... this was a well and truly dessicated form. I wonder why it was there on the walkway.

The rock glowed with the sun on it, yet as quickly as the radiance appeared, it disappeared before the camera lens could capture the moment.
P1000860 Wb

I knelt to get this picture... result, wet trouser legs.   But then it is bog cotton and what would you expect if you kneel in a bog.

More bog cotton. I didn't kneel for the photo this time!
A pod that has split. Can anyone say what kind?

By this time, on our return walk, it was much to cool to stop and sit on a beach, even though it was ever so tempting.


Vincent said...

Lovely glowing pictures. I'm glad you had the good weather. We've had intervals of heavy rain in the last few days. Only consolation: it helped bed in the turf I've been laying in the spells when it was merely cloudy.

ZACL said...

You'll have to picture your turf when the job is completed and let us see the fruits of your labours.

Your end of the country, though a bit milder than ours usually, hasn't, so far, fared too well in good weather stakes this year, has it. I got caught out recently, in London, when I left my cardigan tucked away out of my use. It was distinctly chilly, even for me.

Anonymous said...

That sounds and looks like my kind of day!
Thanks for sharing it with us. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

I thought of you, plotting, as I looked at various plots, (plots that were in my sectioning thought) on the surrounding clifftops and uncharted areas of land not yet built on. No sofa flying in these parts!