Wednesday, July 06, 2011


It was really nice of this team to write to me and in pidgin too. At least this way I can read their notification and gauge all the nuances that underly it. There was a link contained within the email which, of course, anyone would chomp at the bit to deal with, wouldn't they.

In the circumstances I thought I would share this super[ficial] little email notification with lots of people so that they could spend as little time as possible figuring out the message contents and so that everyone who does see it, maybe even receive one of the same notes, can consign it to where it belongs. IT BELONGS WELL AND TRULY REPORTED AS PHISHING SPAM AND DELETED. 

"Your login Notification

Dear aalabels Customer,

As part of ensuring privacy of our customers login information, we, AA-Labels, has changed the password credential in our database in encrypted form. This means that you should be able to login with your current Login ID and Password but your password in our database will eb stored in encrypted (undecryptbable form). In case of any login failure, you can reset your password by using "Forgot Password' option.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at ... or [phone number last 3 digits] 390

Kind regards,

The AA Labels team"

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