Thursday, August 11, 2011


There has been the worthwhile remains of a money voucher waiting for some months to be used. Because of the type of voucher it was, winnings, it had to be used up in a year. It's now close to that time. I had not, in truth, given the voucher much thought, however, it flashed into consciousness and I made a flash decision about what to use the voucher for. I have ordered a Kindle e-reader.  The e-reader will have a bright pink leather cover.  It's not that I am smitten with bright pink, I quite like the colour for certain uses; it is just that the colour of the cover will avoid confusion in the household. 

My reasoning for getting an e-reader was, that I want to cut down carrying weight when I go out. Often there is time to read while waiting for someone to arrive at a meeting place. The weight issue can apply to distance travelling too. Occasionally, I travel with a laptop, though I have not taken it abroad, yet. The ubiquitous internet cafés have generally met my needs. 

Believe it or not, I dislike reading articles from a computer screen, though there are times when it is inescapable. I hate reading from a 13" laptop. Even with its clever gizmos and capacities, I could not justify the cost of an iPad, or similar, from which, reading would be like reading from any other visual display unit. Being unsure about its viability, I held back from the idea of using an e-reader. 

The computer and e-reading technologies are different and e-reading is less likely to strain the eye, in fact, from what I have seen, the screens are very gentle to read from. Unlike one relative, I am not thinking about a lightweight bed time reading machine to rest on the cat!


Vincent said...

So long as it's just a cat. I've heard of puppies chewing on Kindle readers.

I'm glad you've joined the Kindle community. The pink leather cover will help you not lose it. K & each have one: hers red mine black. My black one is dignified but easily mislaid. I like to put mine on top of hers, being sex-obsessed and imagining that they will be fruitful and produce a litter of baby e-readers.

ZACL said...

:) I hope you have a litter basket, perhaps coloured pea-green.

Now,I am looking forward to becoming familiar with the reader, though I still have lots of traditional books requiring my attention. I don't think my reading habits will change too much.