Friday, August 12, 2011


SCOTLAND IS PEACEFUL and will remain so. Despite the buckets of rain that have been falling, the Edinburgh Festival is drawing confident and relaxed visitors from England, who say they are glad to be where they are; and there are other visitors from around the globe, who also say, sincerely, they are happy to be in Scotland.

Two males living in Scotland attempted to incite unrest, announcing on Facebook it was now UK wide. To reassure you, THE DISTURBANCES ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN UK WIDE. The Scottish authorities stepped in fast. The two individuals are awaiting the process of the criminal justice system while in custody. Meantime, Scotland has sent specially trained groups of police officers to England to be deployed where they are considered to be most needed.

With the high human cost of the criminality and disruption, (disruption that now appears to be quelled) clear up is underway in which we have seen the wartime spirit of community. Individuals have been remarkable, some have lost their lives or been injured. A Turkish food outlet owner in N.E. London spoke of how his community defended their people and livelihoods, describing the cultural motivations that led to their self-defence. Similar drives prevailed in areas like Southall in West London and in Birmingham, in the Midlands and about eighty miles from London, sadly, three brave 'defenders' died.  Almost instant visual media has widely accessed the best and worst of our society for us all to see.

My hope is, that the beautiful spirit of community that so many people of all ethnic groups are demonstrating, will be constructively harnessed for good, and be supported in every constructive way possible. Politicians, unfortunately, have a history and a habit of getting in the way!


Vincent said...

Hurrah for Scotland and Wales! I'm glad to report no trouble here either, despite rumours that it would. Our local police force is active on Twitter, calming things down, as were members of the public too. Rumours themselves can be damaging. When shops feel they have to close early it's bad for business, but you can understand it.

Even the threat of it makes you feel a new protective love for your own scruffy imperfect not-entirely-law-abiding town.

Being a bit of a Pollyanna, I see good coming from this business, making us value that community spirit which had become so shabby and neglected.

ZACL said...

Hello Vincent,

I concur with your sentiments. Glad Wales is doing its bit for sanity.

There have been copy-cat attempts at rumour-mongering on Facebook again in Scotland, so another two stupid teenagers are awaiting their fates. You would have thought they would have got the message loud and clear that social network sites are being scrutinised.

Businesses and other people hurt by what has happened are going to need support and time to recover. On the wider scene, international confidence as to be re-established.

ZACL said...

oops, 'has' to be. Pardon typo.

Anonymous said...

wise words indeed, all of which i heartily agree with.

the worst of times bring out the best in so many that we allow ourselves to believe that the apple isn't entirely rotten, after all.

i'm not sure the PM will ever quite shake off his new nickname, Nero.

ZACL said...

I didn't know Nero had been re-born, Ax. Thanks for letting me know. My goodness..... fearful and apt isn't it.

Even in a lowly office, staff holidays are managed, especially in school holiday periods. The reigning political party really are divorced from the reality of everyday existence. I think Preston made pertinent points. Even if you aren't the most important person on the spot, the goverment has to be seen to be functioning and not just from disparate places abroad.

On another topic, I've been checking out Mary Seacole. Apart from authors by that name, which was the actual book that you talked about, all that time ago. There seems to be more than one.

keiko amano said...


I'm glad Scotland remained peaceful, and the riot stopped. I always wonder why the police in UK is called Scotland Yard. Because you wrote Scotland sent specially trained people to Enlgand, I thought maybe she has the tradition of producing superior police units. I just checked Wikipedia. I see it came from the street name, "Great Scotland Yard." That's interesting. But, I think peaceful countries are superior in postion to help out.

ZACL said...

Hello Keiko,

You make an interesting observation about peaceful countries giving practical assistance.

There was a Street, and also a police headquarters building called 'Scotland Yard'. It has been replaced by New Scotland Yard, many years ago,(in my lifetime) which is the building that is now referred to in current reports. There is a very interesting history to all of this. Perhaps Wikipedia alluded to it.