Friday, August 10, 2012


I was not much interested in the pre-Olympic hype.  It switched me off.  Once the Games started, I switched on the T.V.  in the evenings and settled down to be a happy spectator.  I was at my most content when athletic feats of all kinds were being shown.  There were many events that I did not see, but what there was shown, was beyond any superlatives in our language I can add to those that have already been used.

As a rule, I don't give much heed to pugilism.  This week, I have watched a women's boxing semi -final, which I thought was very agile and faster moving than the men's boxing bouts. The most recent semi-final boxing match I saw between two men did not change my mind.  Never having seen Taekwondo, I was overtaken by curiosity. The leg kicks and turns were fluid and I reckon a ballet dancer would have been delighted with those moves.  Even more curious was the excited trainer's comments, when his protegee, Jade Jones, (GB) won her gold Olympic medal. "She fought like a man in the female department. "

As the temperatures were staying low prior to the Olympic beach games set up in London, the women volley ball teams were given permission to wear shorts and sweat shirts instead of their bikinis, if the weather did not warm up.  Having returned from seeing the Beach Volley Ball, a relative was asked, (not by me) if the players had worn bikinis. "It would have been worrying if they had, " she replied,  "We had tickets for two of the men's games."


Anonymous said...

I was quite lukewarm about the olympics prior to the event but was quickly enthralled & highly impressed by all i saw.

Such a wide array of talents, all with a deep dedication to their chosen's been amazing to watch.

So much so that i've not yet found time to write about it myself!

ZACL said...

Hi Axe,

I empathise with your thoughts about so much to see, too much as yet, to write about.

All the Olympians are wonderful, I agree, at what they do, at whatever Olympic level they're at, imho. Such awesome dedication just to get to the arena.

Flighty said...

I don't have a TV but have been following some events, such as athletics and cycling, via my PC.
Your last paragraph made me laugh, and conjures up amusing images!
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

There are many things I see on my P.C. but, I decided to watch what I could real time, of the Olympics. given a few free moments, there are some repeats I should like to look at on the PC and, I may just seek out events that were not part of the main BBC channels offerings.

Delighted to give you a laugh. I certainly had one, too. :)