Friday, August 17, 2012


I've spent a good part of this evening uploading a 'subscribe by email box' to my blog site.  It has been beyond frustration at times.  I used to have the box, but 'upgrading' to Google+ seems to have timed with its disappearance.  Instead I got a link with friends button; all very pretty with its bright colours but, I believe it's not quite the same thing. It's not a question of either/or.  I am quite happy to have both, I'm not fussy in that regard.   

At least I can go off to dreamland now, knowing that the next time I tell someone they can subscribe to my blog site quite easily by tapping their email address in the subscribe box, there will be one there for them to do so.   A number of people prefer to do that, it is something they are comfortable with. 

Now, for the next learning project........

Does anyone know where to find  emoticons that work on Blogger?   Any advice and guidance would be highly appreciated in the simplest of words, and with the easiest possible sequential steps to succeed in the task. 




Vincent said...

I've never known how to "subscribe by email" but I assure you that when i comment on this post it has a little square box which i can tick, which says "email follow-up comments to ...." where .... is my email address.

Vincent said...

the way I know you have added a new post to your blog is via Google Reader, and I can see google reader on my iGoogle page, which constantly tells me that iGoogle will not be available after November 1, 2013, and adds "learn more". Nothing would induce me to learn more. I never upgrade to anything unless forced to, and even then I resist by all manner of means, because it seems to me that every upgrade of almost anything at all is in the interests of the manufacturer and not the user.

But if there is something here which has bothered you, it has bothered someone else too, and if I can get clear what it is, I'll see if there's a way back to where you were before, by checking the experience on others - on google, not google+ whatever that is.

Vincent said...

Can't help you on emoticons, however. To me :) is enough, and doesn't have to be translated into a yellow smiley face.

And while I'm at it, I don't hold with "please prove you're not a robot" either. I've never had that, and no robots bother commenting on my blog - well about a dozen in six years, and these days they are trapped in the spam folder, which is a nuisance in itself, because some genuine comments have gone into there too, sometimes.

Vincent said...

Is this a solution to the problem?

ZACL said...

Vincent, you are wonderful!!!!!!! Huge hug.

I remember this particular [blogger tip] set up and wondered where it went to. The embedding and subscribe by email etc., is a useful extra. The width of the comment box is much more user-friendly than the titchy one I, and others have been using. The edit box doesn't change, it is miniscule.

Last night, after a lot of fiddling around - hence my post and plea - also discovered how to get the 'follow by email' box back that disappeared. (Blogger admitted to glitches that had misused time and caused me utter frustration.) The follow by email box can be easier for people on other platforms to use to follow my posts. I know the other little tick box you mention; it is one I use when I comment on other posts.

I have a blog list on my blog page which indicates movements in posting. I haven't used iGoogle, I have no idea what it is; in view of what you say about its imminent demise, Perhaps I should not concern myself with its use. Perhaps you would be kind enough to educate me in its replacement, in due course.

I remember the chat we had about 'catchas' /robots etc. I occasionally check the spam folder, and while I do not wish to tempt providence, all I can say is, so far, so good.

There are some really nice emoticons, not just yellow smiley faces, which can be effective in a post if they not used like confetti. It would be good to use one that characterises 'LOL', which I really dislike presented as letters, and of course, made a certain Prime Minister wince not so long ago.

Ever so many thanks Vincent.


Vincent said...

Ok, most of the instructions on emoticons are to do with adding them to comments, as opposed to posts. I can't get them to work and I don't understand the point because one would want to add the comments to other people's blogs, and that wouldn't work.

So I'll try and find a way to add emoticons to your actual blog posts. But first, what browser do you use? If Firefox, there may be an easyish solution.

Vincent said...

Second thoughts. I cannot proceed, technical reasons. I use old blogger interface, a customised template, the whole thing is too precious and delicate to risk changing because it might not ever return to its old form.

ZACL said...

How did you manage to retain the old blogger interface, Vincent? I tried with the dashboard, but, was overtaken by Blogger automated changes. I am now getting used to the new dashboard.

As far as the posting page template goes, I haven't changed that. Like you, I am trying to hang on to the original simple, clear, interface I set up. Hopefully, changes there, if any, will not be automated any time soon.

If you find you can proceed, I am using Firefox.

Vincent said...

This is how to restore the old Blogger interface. It's easy.

At the top right of your blog page, click on Design.

You'll see the new blogger interface. move pointer over the cogwheel button near top right. It should say "blogger options". Click on the button. A set of options drops down below the buttons. One of them says old blogger interface. click that. That's all there is to it.

I've illustrated it in this blog post

If you have difficulty let me know

ZACL said...

Well I never, it worked Vincent! There was a message telling me it was changing soon and to upgrade/change. Now I've got it, I'll keep it as long as I can.

On one occasion when I saw the option, the interface showed up as if veiled, a foggy shadow. From that time on, I assumed I had been sucked into the new interface on a permanent basis. I wonder how many other users are resisting change.

ZACL said...

I am taken with your blogspot 'Fiaschi''ve given me an idea which I will allow to germinate a little while longer.