Sunday, August 19, 2012


Once in a blue moon - that is how rare it is - I will suggest a link to an article, a programme, or, as in this case, to a video;  I PROMISE YOU YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE, IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.


Flighty said...

That's hiliarious! I now know what to do if I ever get given one.
Flighty xx

ShimonZ said...

I don’t usually watch video clips, but since I’m new to this blog, I thought I’d try. Very funny. Thanks. But it is very difficult for me to pass the gottcha, not a robot test… maybe I’m a robot.

ZACL said...

Yes, Mr F,

It really made me deeply laugh. We all need one of those experiences occasionally. I am happy you enjoyed the video clip.


ZACL said...

Good Morning Shimon,

Thank you for visiting me here. It's lovely to 'see' you.

I rarely offer out links for people to look at, it's not my style of blogging. However, on this occasion, I was so taken with the scenario, I just felt it was too good not to share. Humour can be a great tonic.

I sometimes find the captcha/gottcha step difficult on posts I reply to. I use it on my site to keep the rubbish at bay. I have had some. It seems to work.

You can change what is offered by clicking on the circular icon, (as many times as you want) and use something that you can copy. If there are numbers and letters, including capital letters, you use them in the order they are given. If there's a space between them, I make a space too.

One friend set up an arithmetical captcha WP. It has now changed to object moving. There are not either of those options here.

Great to have you visit.