Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 The supermarket employs a physically disabled man to look after the trolleys/carts.  He takes them from the various parking places, and retrieves those trolleys that have been lazily left by users anywhere they fancy, usually in places that are a nuisance to other shoppers. We always greet each other when Larry is in the car park, or in the store.  

Larry was getting ready to move a crocodile of trolleys as fork lightening appeared, followed by rolling thunder claps that were a few seconds apart.  I was seriously worried that Larry might be taking a risk handling all that metal as he guided a long line of trolleys to their parking lot by the store entrance. I suggested to him  that he waited a bit to see if there was a safe period to move them, and I explained why....."I've got to move them"... he said "You know what customers are like. "  ...."Forget that," I said..... "Your safety come first."  I was glad to see him remove the strap he uses to keep all the trolleys together when he moves them out; he and the trolleys were going nowhere.  I guess no senior manager in the store would think about this  electrically charged weather in conjunction with  risk management.

 The  sudden fierce storms, lightening and torrential rain took us all by surprise, I sheltered in the doorway of the store with a lot of other people with the same idea, to keep dry and wait for  it all to abate. The people around me were dressed much as I was, in lightweight summer clothes.  The difference was, they had vehicles in the car park and I did not.  Frankly, I did not fancy walking home in that stormy weather and  torrential downpour.   The ubiquitous cell phone comes into its own at times like this, especially if you are carrying one, with its batteries fully charged.

I called for help from Hubby, who drove to the store to collect me.

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K Braithwaite said...

Very dangerous for that poor man

ZACL said...

those were my sentiments too,KB. I'm glad Larry responded well to my concerns at the most electrically active stage of the storm. He did move some of the trolleys a bit later, (not all) to make for a quicker transfer, then appeared in the store.

Sheilagh Gunston said...

Glad he survived - a dangerous situation as said. Nice to see you here... http://sheilaghsgunston.blogspot.co.uk/

ZACL said...

Hello Sheilagh,

As he is a bit learning disabled, to add to the rest, what I said to him rather perturbed Larry at the time, but he understood the possible dangers then and took the advice on holding back.

I'll check out the website address, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would not fancy being caught in that kind of weather. Glad you helped the chap and that you got picked up.

Garden Girl

ZACL said...

Not sure why you are 'anonymous' ... Glad you signed yourself.

It all worked out well, that's the main thing. Management (supervisors) would not take kindly to having issues pointed out, they haven't thought of for themselves. No time to waste on that sort of nonsense when there is a real and obvious H & S concern in the moment.

ShimonZ said...

As I was trying to tell you yesterday (before I was bounced out for being a robot), we have these little contraptions on the shopping carts, here in Jerusalem, that lock the carts into place until you slip 5 shekels into the slot. That’s just a deposit. But it seems to do the trick. Of course, it might be a better system to have Larry working. I’m sure he appreciates his job. Thank you for making it possible to comment here.

ZACL said...

Yay, you're here Shimon! That's really great.

I've used the carts in Jerusalem, the contraption is the same as ours, and where stores use them, a £1 coin does the trick.

However, there are stores that treat their customers kindly in large car parks, where they expect to have volume shopping and lots of car spaces filled. There are trolley parks dotted around various zones,(A,B,C, or, whatever coding is used) like the sheltered park shown in the picture. It is from those places the trolleys are collected and placed into the main storage area near the entrance to the store.

Where the coin contraption is not used, there is a similar arrangement, but, that is when unthinking or selfish people just leave trolleys where they will.