Monday, January 28, 2013


Wouldn't you know I come to think of it, no, you would not.  Our broadband super duper cabling was installed on the 24th January, any disruption forecast by the internet provider did not include cocking up our email settings.  So far, I have managed to re-configure hubby's email client, (we are not using the same platform) with the guidance of the provider's technical help section.  There were quite a few changes to make.  It was like magic, hubby's email hurtled back and forth like an energetic tennis ball.

My email, however was intractable.  Two guys this morning gave different advice, while telling me their company did not support my email application.  I promise you, it is not out of this world, I have been using it for a long time without any hassle whatsoever.  By the time they had finished, I could no longer receive mail and I was still blocked from sending mail.  Wonderful! 

The nice guy from my computer manufacturer tried all sorts of tricks and decided it was a server issue. An internet provider technical guy, (a rare species) spent an hour working through various permutations, and by the way, "We do not officially support your email programme."  I was given Microsoft's support line number.

The most wonderful woman spent the remainder of the afternoon problem-solving on my software, we even had a three-way conference call with the internet service provider- that was a waste of time he had not heard of the clutch of other companies served under the same umbrella- his information was useless. My software programme was operating perfectly, the service provider's connection issues were at fault.  The lovely lady is going to talk to them tomorrow, and I expect a further chat with her too. Meanwhile, my email is all one-way.   :(


Anonymous said...

I'm always very wary of the word 'upgrade' as it usually means things that have always worked perfectly well suddenly acquire the efficiency of headless chickens.

I hope normal service is resumed without further delay.

Anonymous said...

I've found it very valuable to have a backup email program. Wishing you much luck.

ZACL said...

Hello Axe,

A headless chicken is about what it is just now. I can't believe the abnegation of responsibility- companies must know there are a variety of email clients in use requiring appropriate server connections.

ZACL said...

Good morning Shimon,

Like you, I do have a back up email service in general use, the other one, the one messed up so far by the ISP, is for specific use.

I won't be the only individual placed in this mess by virtue of provider installations and mergers that have not been thought through. Their website gives strong clues to the amount of mayhem being caused.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Enormously frustrating, and so time-consuming. Here's hoping it's sorted today. I do wonder whether 'something' is going on generally in the internet world - I've just had an email telling me that my stumbleupon email is not supported any longer. I don't recall ever having one.

TG said...

Wow, that's a first. I have never heard of such thing. Did they block that email provider's server?

ZACL said...

There has been no resolution, GillyK. We have found out for definite;
a) there is a cock up with the server access
b)the providers' members' forum is full of the same tales of woe from people with my email address and a similar email client.
c) we (me and the Microsoft lady) had to deal with nonsense responses today, and I had to fight to get to speak direct to her supervisor and obtain escalation for the issue to be investigated by the technical 'whizz kids' department.

Now we wait, yet again. Microsoft lady and I have mutual contact details for follow-up.

ZACL said...

Salut MKL,

It is the email provider who we are asking to sort out their own server access. The ISP commissioned the main telecoms company in the UK to undertake technical work upgrading our broadband cable to fibre-optic cables. Since then, anyone with my domain address and similar email client has had one way Sending email, since the date of the work, is currently impossible.

Microsoft are keen to see a fix and are being very helpful.

Snowbird said...

Oh horribly frustrating. I hate it when anything is upgraded, it causes nothing but problems!

I hope all is well now and stays well.xxxxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

Thanks for the well-wishing. The technical problem still exists. The providers 'customer' fora are buzzing with frustrated email users.

I have seen a forum page which specifically relates to my domain and a similar email client where no fixes have yet been produced other than to completely change email address! Even that is not a certain way out of the server fiasco. I'm not going down that path.

I am so grateful for the support I am getting from Microsoft; the lady can knowledgeably counter the 'tech help' silly answers and ideas brigade and I am learning fast from her how to counter them too. It took us nearly two hours between us to get an escalation request put through. The call workers and their supervisors appear to be batting off such requests, even from a major third party I.T. company representative (Microsoft).

There are big problems and I am in the middle of the problem pool !!!