Monday, May 06, 2013


A way with words:   meddle a bit with that phrase- just a bit- this is what you get, and this is how I feel.  Away with words!

I have been writing; I have been writing to people who, I want to take on board my justified concerns and do something positive.  It is a challenge accessing basic services in a remote place, it is also challenge for providers to provide.  In this day an age of internet technology, it is risky not to use it to best advantage for them and us, but this is exactly what is not happening.

After all my efforts I hope I do not get a chew and spew response.   This where you find out who thinks they have the power and who really has it; with whom they use the power, and how they use it.  

It has taken a lot of time, thought, care and effort to put all those words together,   It's  like I have been working up an thesis, or, at least a detailed abstract of one.  It has been a relief to send it off.  Even so, I am still thinking about words, its words.

In parallel, I have been acting as secretary to hubby, formatting and designing, making words look professionally presentable for him.   You end up feeling drained from constantly producing words, and you feel emptied out of words.

But here is the rub, I have to use words to say how I feel, to describe here, what is going on......  it's all words, words, words.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Now I understand more a recent comment of yours ;) Time to get out for a spring walk in a place where there is only the silent language of nature?

Anonymous said...

It's a fascinating world even though many words nowadays seem to be abused, forgotten or misused.
Flighty xx

Snowbird said...

Oh I can understand your frustration! Yes, maybe as Gilly says a break from words may help!!! xxxx

ZACL said...

Hi Gillyk,

Did a bit of wandering around today near home. It's the first day that was warm-ish and sunny since I don't know when, and was too good to miss, especially, as it could all disappear overnight.

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

I sometimes think that words and language don't always merge, though, they often collide.

ZACL said...

Do I detect a fellow word traveller in you, Snowbird?