Friday, January 31, 2014


January 2014 has produced an unexpected bag of tricks. It has driven a roller coaster of events, so very many  different ones, too many to talk about.

The weather in the U.K. is the really big issue at the has been disastrous for a lot of people, storms, gales, floods and yet more storm and floods. There has been little let up. I sit and listen to the force of the storm outside, the driving rain beats on the windows, it turns to sleet and sounds like blades on ice, searing at the glass. It is relentless. I am dry and safe, but, there are so many people here and elsewhere in the world who are not. My thoughts turn to them.  

In the UK there are needs, families who need support with the basics to bring some hope to their families daily lives.  I despair of people who spout the spartan rhetoric of some of the politicians, they, who conveniently close their ears and shut their eyes to the reality of what is happening to individuals, parents and children, who are a large chunk of the population.  We must help our children, children from all groups, they are our future.

Global man-made disasters mean many families and children need a lot of help, more people than I can comprehend, probably more than most people can comprehend.  I offer my little bit of help and hope it does a little bit of good. There is a tremendous amount of  political tokenism and posturing. I just hope my small offerings do not get sucked into those vacuous channels. The children of the world need to feel wanted, assisted and supported. How can they when even their parents or other family members cannot provide for their basic security. These children, too, are our future.

Natural disasters add to the difficulties for many nations in the global community. I spoke to someone in the Philippines recently, asking how things were after their recent awful experiences.  The answer was, "Thank you for asking, it's getting better now that help from abroad has arrived".


Anonymous said...

Hear hear.

Snowbird said...

I couldn't agree more. I hope your weather improves and for the UK

ZACL said...

Hi GillyK

ZACL said...

Hello Snowbird,
Amen to that! I really am bewildered at how certain areas of the UK can be neglected by clear local and central leadership. It's the type of chaotic scene we are shown in third world countries and poorer nations than ours during and after disaster has struck. Are we so blind that we cannot see, or, do we not want to see what is front of our noses, that this country has major needs too? Appropriate response appears to be frozen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you say here , and like you I despair at times.
We never seem to improve the quality of life except in materialistic ways which to me is a blind ally so to speak.
Sadly I can't see matters improving much, if at all, in the near future.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

You are so right Mr F. What you say is much as such globally as well as locally. xx