Friday, January 17, 2014


My watch tells me it is  nearly 1.20 in the afternoon.  The sky is covered in heavy low, very grey clouds. It is a very dull and damp day. A little girl, aged about three, dances short steps away from her mother's side. A small space opens up. Mummy is busy at the check-out: mummy says....

Don't go too far away from mummy...

The little girl is now just a few short steps away from the wide shop window. It does not go all the way to the floor. The shop front has a substantial low wall and there is a wide window ledge that customers make use of.  Sometimes, children sit on it; children who can, play by climbing onto the window ledge and jumping off it.  The little girl is shorter than the wall.  She cannot climb upon the window ledge on her own. The window is the width of the store and it looks out onto the car park, fields, the sea and the sky. 

A different overcast sky scene at 14.43 one day in very late Autumn 2013

The little girl from her level, sees lots of low, heavy, dark grey clouds in the sky.

I'm nearly ready darling, just stay where you are... Says mummy.

It is now about 1.25 in the afternoonThe little girl looks up and intently studies what she sees.  ... Look mummy......exclaims the little girl 

...It's nearly night time! 

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Jenny said...

I know just how she feels!

Snowbird said...

What a lovely story.....and yes it can get dark early with the black

Anonymous said...

At this time of year I don't like days that never seem to get light, let alone ones that get dark early. Thankfully they are few and far between. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Absolutely, Mr F. We're on delayed gratification for good daylight at this time of year, extra light of four minutes a day!