Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PApeRLeSs OfFICe....Yeah Right!

I’m trying really hard to gird my loins for daily activities in 2014. Having a dead bulb replaced in the light fitting might help to brighten things up a bit!  There is such an awful lot of sorting to do.  You know, stuff you keep in case it’s needed; some of it might be, a lot of it is not.  :(
Historical Telecom Van
Housekeeping the computer files is on my ‘to do’ list before they get totally out of hand. The photographic ones are a daunting thought.  No, these are not new resolutions for 2014, I gave up creating those years ago.  This is digital administration.  It should be less back-breaking than my memories of the paper filing variety and  instead, they will be more of a headache I think.
_iMac1 If the truth be told there is a bit of paper file sorting to do as well. I do  not have a paperless environment, I have yet to meet anyone, or, any business that has become completely paperless.  I reckon they are fibbing if they say they have.

I kept my eye firmly on dates when starting my archived paper sort. There were plenty of historical business headings, no longer in existence.  It was going to have to be an exceptional piece of writing, if it was going to be returned to my archive.   I eventually went out to give the shredder a rest!


Jenny said...

Not a job you look forward to but so satisfying when it's done!

Flighty said...

I have computer files and paperwork to sort out but I keep getting sidetracked with gardening books and seed catalogues! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Jennyta,

I look forward to the 'satisfaction'.

ZACL said...

That sounds like procrastination Mr F. I should know, I done plenty of it around the same task. I have got started now on the paper filing stuff, which, delays starting on my digital picture files......more procrastination, for now!

Unknown said...

We could say that there are businesses that are adapting minimal paper reliance instead of a completely paperless environment. Some of the reasons that I can think of that may hinder the development of a completely paperless office is that digital files tend to be less secure than paper ones. They can easily be duplicated, thus compromising the sensitive information some office files may contain. Thus, effective methods of data security must be enacted, which other businesses have yet to realize. Anyways, I digress. Organizing computer files are boring to the extreme, and I understand where your sentiments are coming from. Good luck with the clutter cleaning.

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