Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last night I sat in my chair, the walls around me  shook and creaked and the roof screeched as it lifted. The roof thumped back into place, screeched and lifted again...and so it went on for the whole evening and during the night, with the wind howling and shrieking.  

The wind was described  by the meteorological office as a gale: believe you me, it was nothing short of a storm, from where I sat.

 Not The Storm- A Really Wet Day In 2011


Anonymous said...

A beautiful winter picture here. Can't say I would know the difference between a gale and a storm. Both sound much of a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I hope that today is more settled.
I always thought that a gale and storm were one and the same!
Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

Good gracious. I don't like the sound of the roof lifting at all. Hope it is very thoroughly fastened down! - and that today is calmer.

Anonymous said...

Good gracious. I don't like the sound of the roof lifting at all. Hope it is very thoroughly fastened down! - and that today is calmer.

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

I am glad you liked the picture.

There is quite a difference between a gale and a storm force wind. We don't usually have the experience you have of the many days of the Hamsin, though we have had all sorts of weird happenings when volcanoes have thrown up from the bowels of the earth. These experiences are all challenging,

Thanks for your comment.

Snowbird said...

How very descriptive.....I could almost hear the wind howling and screaming and the rain hammering the house....great to read but awful for you I's about time you had some good

ZACL said...

No, Mr F, there is a difference between the gale force wind and a storm force wind. Usually anything from force nine is highly worrying.

I think the practice of describing the speed in m.p.h. rather confuses the picture. We have plenty of speedy winds passing through that often feel greater than that promised by the Met Office.

Hubby watched a child being lifted by the wind on Sunday, unfortunately, not an unusual occurrence when little ones are not holding onto the buffeted adults they may be with. Primary schools, in particular, need to be very careful about play times when the winds perform.

ZACL said...

Today has been variable, Gillyk, and definitely not as windy, though it has been challenging at times, thank.

We are grateful to the builder and roofer who put up this house. Every tile (not the usual 1:20)was nailed down. The work has so far, secured the tiles into the position they were originally placed. When the wind comes aggressively calling, it does not stop the whole roof from heaving.

ZACL said...

Dear Snowbird,

We've been thankful for the mild Winter we have had, thus far, and even more thankful that we have not been affected by flooding, notwithstanding that we have had a lot of rain and inundations. I believe we are paying a little for the couple of weeks of pleasant weather we recently had.

I, for one, will be delighted if the wind would calm down and our weather settled to something kinder.


keiko amano said...


This morning, the wind was very strong, and at one point, I wanted to describe it as the sound of cats when they become angry. How do you say it? Howling is for dogs and wolves, right?

ZACL said...

I think the adjectives you are looking for in the gerundive form, Keiko, could be, hissing, mewing, possibly, even, yowling.

when cats are not overly disturbed, they mew, they purr and they say 'miaow.'

ZACL said...

p.s. Keiko, the annoyed mewing sounds can be very threatening and loud.