Wednesday, July 30, 2014


If a site web page you wanted to mail yourself required you to give your email, also, 'your friend's email' and just for good measure another 'your friend's email,' what would you think; how would you deal with it?  

Friends had nothing to do with this.  I wanted to email the page to me for my use. Connecting it with friends was not even on my horizon. The programming would not accept just my own details. The requests for other email addresses made me wonder if  I was out of touch with current social niceties, out of synchronisation with current information gathering.  As I studied the mailing page, I began to feel just a little indignant at the impertinence of the set up!  

It was time to outwit this programming.  It is not within my gift to freely give  the details of people I know to some commercial address database.  My friends wouldn't thank me for opening them up to pestering about the latest offer that is really to good to miss (not!) You know what, I wasn't about to do it either.

I tried a couple of tricks, I was kicked back to touch. I tried a mix of address styles, big red boxes appeared on screen to tell me they were not acceptable.  Clever, devious algorithms here.  My next trick was gathered up and flew off into cyber space; it seemed to have worked....or, did it.

It's several hours since I input the data to the mailing request page, as yet, there is no sign of it in my mailbox.

Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I hope it works! Flighty xx

Snowbird said...

Good luck with that. I couldn't agree with you more, why on earth would we divulge personal information? Somebody gave my details to a gym once and my email and mobile were hammered for years!xxx

keiko amano said...

Yes, they're devious and smart in that way. It's really annoying and possibly dangerous.

A few weeks ago, a FB friend persuaded me to create a twitter account. After all these years of my reluctance to twitter, I finally did it because I was curious of what Japanese journalists are twittering about and after only a few days, my account was hacked and my account sent spams to the people who followed me although I never sent any invitations or a friend request. Well I didn't do it manually but my account did, I guess. Twitter sent me a message to me that they locked my account, and since then they're sending me more messages such as suggesting me to change password or make a new account, someone is trying to access my account from strange device, and so on. If I try to do something to correct it, it might be even more dangerous.

ZACL said...

Ni Mr F,

No sign of it working yet. I don' think I was quite up to the mark on this one. Win some, lose some. Xx

ZACL said...

It is awful that people give out third party personal information. They just don't think. I do believe personal privacy is less respected now, Snowbird.

ZACL said...

Hi Keiko,

I tried tweeting a couple of times at the request of friends. It was not my scene, i could not develop any real interest in it.

I can see where twitter does have real uses in a wider context, it is not, though, an avenue of every day general communication for me.

Sometimes such sites advise you to change your details if you have been accessed by some body, or, organisation not named in your contacts. My view is, if uncertain, leave it for others to play with.