Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I am think I am devoid of emotion, yet I feel  a weird sort of black hole in the pit of my stomach when I hear that people who are so desperate for a life, who will risk their lives by going through hell and high water to try and get a chance of a better life, will  be allowed to seal their fates at the hands of the unscrupulous and unchecked traffickers who put their human cargo out at sea in dubious overcrowded boats.  It is reported that the same traffickers are not averse to ramming and sinking the boats.  They don't care what happens to the refugees so long as they get their money from them. Are the traffickers untouchable?

Funding to rescue services at their current levels is being stopped. Britain is in the forefront of it. The replacement will be a very limited coastguard service. 

Since when did humanitarianism stop beyond a three miles coastal limit, or less?  What perverse rationalisation is being played out;  politicians argue, the more likely people think they are to be rescued out at sea, the more they will attempt the journey with all its attendant risks. What methodology is proposed to support this theory?  Who is going to watch the drownings and count the bodies to try and prove it? 

Perfidious Albion.


Anonymous said...

We seem to be following Australia's inhumane attitude towards such people which appals me. Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very difficult conundrum. Apparently the traffickers are said to give them mobile phones so that they can ring the Italians when they get into trouble. Cynicism beyond belief.

Snowbird said...

I think it's absolutely appalling too, I can't even imagine being so desperate that I'd risk my life like these people do. How much does it actually cost to rescue them....coppers compared to funds that are wasted on so many other

ZACL said...

I join you in your feelings Mr F.


ZACL said...


I am grateful I do not live in a situation where I am forced to risk everything, including my children, to be able to live a life. The desperation, guts and strength of wil, which propels people into actions is part of our natural survival kit. To be a made societal pariahs in that quest is horrendous.

None of our representatives are innocents in these matters.

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

These are cheap political acts, hitting out at vulnerable easy targets, while doing nothing constructive to reduce the sources of their distress.

Oh for the spirit and humanity of people like Nicholas Winton.